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The Goats of Maggidan's Minis

Our Goals:

  • Produce pygmy goats that are true to the NPGA breed standard

  • Produce goats that kid easily and a good mothers

  • Produce goats that are structurally sound to live long, happy lives

Dan and I have been loving and breeding pygmy goats for over 20 years.  To reach our goals we invested in top-quality stock.  We try to let our goats live as naturally, and as stress-free as possible.  We avoid over-crowding at all cost.  

Our feeding program is simple.  High-quality browse and forage is important, as is high-quality grass hay.  We have 26 acres of woodlands for the goats to browse.  We provide horse-quality orchard grass hay.  We provide a balanced loose mineral, free-choice.  We think of the grain feed that we use as a supplement, and do not add anything to it.

We test for CAE and Johne's disease.  Because of the unreliability of blood testing for CL, we do not blood test for it.  Our herd is abscess-free.  Any abscesses are cultured, just in case, but have always been negative.

We deworm using the FAMACHA and Smart Drenching programs, to reduce parasite resistance.  Thankfully, pygmy goats tend to have very good natural resistance to parasites.

We breed our does to kid once a year.  We really try to attend every birth.  But, we don't kill ourselves, we do not spend every moment in the barn waiting for kids.  Nearly all of our does kid without assistance.  We do not rebreed problem kidders, no matter how many ribbons that goat has won.  We do not keep does or bucks from problem kidders.  They are sold as pets, with the advice to not breed.

We enjoy showing our goats, and love to win.  And We have won plenty!  But, winning is not our goal.  So, our goats are not kept or shown in show condition.  Producing happy, healthy, productive, long-lived pygmy goats, that when kept in show condition can be competitive, is our goal.


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