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We have 2 adult pygmy bucks for sale.

We have two Kinder wethers for sale.

Our 4 Nubian does are for sale. I can make a really nice Kinder starter kit!

Willing to make a deal to a good home!  See our sales list for prices!

All sales will be to approved homes.

Click above for more information on available goats for sale.


When you contact us with regard to goats for sale please let us know where you live (in the town or city limits, suburbs, rural), what facilities you have for keeping goats (including how much pen space), any experience you have with goat or other livestock-keeping (we are fine with first time goat keepers), your purpose for wanting goats (pets, show, breeding), and any sex or color preference.  

We sell our goats in (at least) pairs, unless they are going to an established goat herd.  Goats are strongly herd-oriented and it is best for their health, and well being for them to have the companionship of their own kind.  A doe and wether, two does, or two wethers make a fine starter herd, and will keep you entertained for hours with their antics.   We highly recommend adults instead of kids for first time owners and children.  They are not as fragile or skittish as young kids, and bond just as well, maybe even better than kids.  Please check your town ordinance if you live within town limits.  

Please call (919) 596-0984, or email us, for more information.  Special consideration may be given to show, 4-H, and FFA homes.  We can ship nationwide by air, or deliver to the shows we attend, or you can pick goats up at the farm.  The farm is easy to reach, we are only a few miles off several major interstate highways in central North Carolina.


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Phone:  (919) 596-0984

Updated 1/26/2021

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