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Maggidan's Herd Holder Ringside Tie

Bundle of Barn Leads, Show Lead, and Super Sharp Hoof Trimmers

Maggidans Herd Holder  $21.95
This is 6 feet of goat holding power with hooks at either end for attaching it to a fence or pen and 5 hooks for holding goats.  Hook up 6 goats and walk them to your trailer when its time to load up, less trips back and forth!  The rope is much easier on your hands and won't mar your bumper or trailer like chain tie-outs..  You can use this in the barn to get your milking string "in line", or feeding goats that are bullies or need extra feed.

Maggidans Bundle of Barn Collars $9.95
A bundle of 5 polypropylene slip collars and a short lead, perfect for everyday use with the Herd Holder above.

Maggidans Bundle of Barn Leads  $9.95
Bundle of 5 strong polypropylene barn leads with a spliced loop in one end and a ring in the other making a handy all in one slip collar and lead - Because you can never have too many "goat handles".  Bright yellow, so you can't lose them.  Longer than standard slip leads so less tripping over your goat.  Give one to each of your 4Hers and new customers!

Short Show Lead  $4.95 
A short show lead (approximately 1.5 feet long) in black polypropylene with a nickel plated swivel hook.  These are perfect for showing pygmies and miniature goats.

Zenport Hoof Trimmers $16.95
These make the chore of trimming feet easier with their super sharp  blades.

60 Second Digital Thermometer  $7.95 
A vital tool for the goatkeeper!

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