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The Maggidans Milker and Accessories

Please check our Mini Mart page for ordering and shipping policies.

NOTE!!  PayPal is being very wonky with shipping charges.  The amount added to your order may be excessive.  We refund overages.  We are happy to check on shipping charges before you make a purchase and to send you a PayPal invoice for your order with the actual shipping charge.  We will need to know what you wish to order and your shipping address.

The Original Maggidans Milker


  • Milk nearly any breed of livestock with ease!
  • There is no collection jar to empty, the milk goes right into your milk bucket, or container!
  • Manufactured with all food or medical grade components.
  • Collect and save lifesaving colostrum and milk for orphaned newborns.
  • Now there is NO EXCUSE not to enjoy your own goat’s milk treats.

The Maggidans Milker comes standard with a small teat cup for milking miniature breeds of goats, most sheep and most llamas and alpacas.  Larger teat cups are sold separately.  If the teat is 2 inches or longer, you need the larger cup.  If the teat is bigger in diameter than 1/2 to 3/4 inch, you need the larger cup.  Even if you find the smaller teat cup works, the larger teat cup can be used for other things.  The milker does not include a receptacle or filter, those are also sold separately.

The Maggidans Milker works best on goats with normal cylindrical teats with no teat spurs, extra teats, fishtail teats, etc.  The teat cup must be able to firmly contact the udder at the top of the teat, very much like a regular milking machine inflation.  For misshapen teats it may be possible to use a larger teat cup to make it work.  Customize your system by adding optional receptacles,  an in-line milk filter, and longer tubing.  We also carry a pump repair kit; hose cleaning brush, replacement hoses, teat cups, and fittings.  We stock other repair parts, call or email for pricing.

Milker with Optional Half Gallon Receptacle and Inline filter

We warranty our Maggidans Milker for 30 days after purchase.  If you don't like it for any reason we will refund your money less postage when you return the Maggidans Milker in clean condition.

Helpful Tips for Maintaining You Maggidans Milker
Watch Using Your Maggidans Milker

Eating Our Curds And Whey

Simple Cheesemaking
A Book By Maggie Leman



Ready to venture into cheesemaking?  It's simple, fun and delicious!  I wrote this booklet to go with a simple cheesemaking course I sometimes teach.  It focuses on simple to make cheeses like yogurt and yogurt cheese, queso blanco, cottage cheese, chevre, ricotta and feta.  It also includes over 30 recipes using your homemade dairy delights!

The 2020 Maggidans Gestation Calendar



Here are 12 months of adorable pygmies and their friends in a handy gestation calendar!  Printed on card stock paper, this calendar not only gives the due dates for your does but also features lunar phases and secular and religious holidays.  Due dates are based on a 145 day gestation period.

Our 12 month calendar comes out in late fall, so grab your camera and submit your pictures!  We welcome pictures of all kinds of goats, not just pygmies.  Email them to us in large JPG or GIF format at along with your name and farm name. We like to give credit to our photographers.

Items Sold Separately

Pint Milk Receptacle with vented lid and connector hose $7.95 

Half Gallon Milk Receptacle with vented lid and connector hose $12.00

One Gallon Milk Receptacle with vented lid and connector hose  $15.95

Replacement Smaller Teat Cup  $3.95

Optional Larger Teat Cup $3.95  For standard dairy goats, meat goats, sheep and other livestock.   If you anticipate having to change back and forth between the 2 sized teat cups, it is easier to change the hose than to change the teat cups.  Order an extra hose below.

Pump Repair Kit  $9.95  Includes clear barrel with valve tip and plunger o-ring.  

Replacement hose fittings 3 for $2.50  fittings for the teat cup or to the pump nozzle

Replacement receptacle fittings  3 for $2.50  These fittings for the receptacle lid.

In Line Milk Filter  $5.95   This custom designed filter goes in the hose between the teat cup and pump to prevent clogging the valves in the pump.

Replacement Tubing  22 inches standard length  $2.00 

Replacement Tubing  Approximately 4 feet  $4.00

Hose Cleaning Brush  $7.95  16 inches long all stainless steel with nylon bristles.

We carry other repair parts too. please call or email for pricing.

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