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Maggidans Maternity Kit and Supplies

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  Maggidans Maternity Kit


Dan and I bred and birthed pygmy goats for over 30 years.  Our own personal OB kit has been revised many times over the years, we've experimented with all kinds of OB equipment.  We've weeded out all the unnecessary junk and gathered together the essentials.  Our kit's supplies cover prenatal doe care, birthing and neonatal kid care.  To top it off I have included a book full of helpful information, tips and instructions covering all aspects of breeding and kidding.  Put our knowledge to work for you during your next kidding season.

Comes in a handy plastic box and includes:
1 Book – Just Kidding! A Goatkeeper's Guide To Breeding and Kidding by Maggie Leman
10 Exam gloves
1 Stomach tube (size 8 French) with 60 cc syringe for feeding a weak kid (perfect pygmy size, works on standard sized kids too)
1 Lube tube (size 14 French) with 60 cc syringe for instilling lube into the doe to aid with a difficult delivery
1 60 cc funnel tip syringe for drenching
1 OB leg snare
1 Kellie's Kid Puller

1 Chlorhexidine concentrate 8 oz. bottle (Proven more effective than iodine for dipping navels)
4 Navel dip cups
1 Spool buttonhole thread for tying the umbilical cord
2 Enema tips with 6 cc syringe
1 Pritchard’s style teat
1 Lead
1  J-Lube powder 2 oz. bottle (makes 64 ounces of J-Lube liquid)
1 empty 8 oz. bottle for mixing J-Lube
1 MFO liquid 8 oz. bottle (for treating pregnancy toxemia and milk fever)
1 Goat's Prefer Power Punch 8 oz. bottle

Just Kidding!
A Goatkeeper's Guide to Breeding and Kidding


Included FREE with the Maggidans Maternity Kit  Above or Sold Separately


We've assisted during lots of kiddings in over 20 years of breeding pygmies, and if it could go wrong it probably did.  Pygmies present the added challenge of being small, birthing difficulties can be doubly challenging.   We work very hard at minimizing the chance for problems and have discovered tricks for helping when there is trouble.  I look at these challenges as a chance to learn and I love to pass on that knowledge.  So I finally gathered all my notes, sat down and wrote Just Kidding! and designed a Maternity Kit to go with it.  Here's to many bouncing babies!

Kellie's Kid Puller


Our good friend Kellie Kirkdoffer has more than a decade of experience birthing pygmy goats.  She designed this kid puller especially for pygmy goats.  But it works great for helping any breed doe (or sheep, or camelid) with a difficult delivery.  Some of you may be familiar with a "lamb puller" but have found it is a difficult fit in some smaller does.  And even though the plastic handle is rounded on the lamb puller there may still be a risk of damaging or even rupturing the uterus. These are not problems with Kellie's Kid Puller which is very flexible but firm enough to allow for manipulation.  It won't slip off as easily as a rubber leg snare either.  Made of plastic coated cable and medical quality parts it is approximately 2 feet long.  I have tried any number of different pullers, this one is by far the best and easiest to use.


Other Items Sold Separately

8 French Stomach Tube $4.00
Perfect size for miniature breed goats.

14 French Stomach or Lube Tube  $4.00
For tube feeding standard sized dairy and meat goats and for instilling lube into the doe to assist with difficult deliveries.

50 cc Funnel Tip Syringe  $3.95
For drenching or for use with either stomach feeding tube.

Enema Syringe and 8 tips $4.50 
Flexible rounded tips the perfect length and a 6 cc syringe for giving an enema to a newborn goat.

OB Leg Snare $7.95
Flutter Valve Teat  $3.95
Screws onto a standard soda bottle, perfect for all newborn goats.  Similar to Pritchard's style teats.

Bundle of Barn Leads  $9.95 
Bundle of 5 strong polypropylene barn leads with a spliced loop in one end and a ring in the other making a handy all in one slip collar and lead - Because you can never have too many "goat handles".  Give one to each of your 4-Hers and new customers!

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