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The Does Of Maggidan's Minis

DiamondsAreForever and Peppermint Patty Spring 2015


Our Retirees

Maggidan's Minis Sophie

S:  Kabills Farm Bad Bob
D:   Maggidan's Minis Glory Bound
DOB:  2/4/04

Maggidan's Minis Riata

S: Maggidan's Minis Fleetwood
Dam:  Maggidan's Minis Penelope
DOB:  3/1/08

Maggidan's Minis Tango

Sire: Kabills Farm Bad Bob
Dam:  Maggidan's Minis Passion Flower
DOB:  4/5/08

Maggidan’s Minis Tzarina

S:  Maggidan’s Minis Tzar
D:  Maggidan’s Minis Whatta Doll
DOB: 5/16/08

Maggidan's Minis Sassy Lady

S: Maggidan's Minis Tzar
D: Lynbil Pygmy's Classy Lady II
DOB:  3/14/08

Maggidan’s Minis Peppermint Patty

Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 2 x Senior Champion, 2 x Junior Champion
S: PGCH Heavenly Blessings Pizzazz
D: Maggidan’s Minis Ursula
DOB: 3/4/10

Peppermint Patty is still very flashy in the ring, even at 6 years old (at right).  

Swafford's Sunny Mojo Melody
S: Cozy Cottage Ren's Classic Mojo
D: Swafford's Sunny Precious Harmony
DOB: 6/7/1

Thank you Paula and Randy Arnold and Becky Swafford for allowing Melody to join our herd.  Melody kids like a champ and is an exceptional mother.  She gives her kids her strong correct structure.

Our Breeding Does

Maggidan’s Minis Diamonds Are Forever
2 x Grand Champion, 2 x Reserve Grand Champion
Sire:  PGCH Simple Necessities Eason
Dam:  Maggidan’s Minis White Diamond
DOB: 4/17/10

Diamonds is White Diamond's last doe (she her on our Champions Page).  She is everything her dam was, and started her show career with winning Reserve Grand and Grand Champion her first time out (at left).    She then came home, and kidded unassisted 6 weeks later with twins, one of which is Razzle Dazzle.  She is a mainstay in our breeding program and our current herd queen.  She took her second Grand and Reserve Grand at 7 years old (right).  She just does not age!

She had a gorgeous black buckling sired by Java Jo on 3/18/2018.  He has been sold.

Maggidan’s Minis Nina


2 x Reserve Senior Champion
S: PGCH Simple Necessities Eason
D: Maggidan's Minis Riata
DOB: 8/27/10

Nina is a powerful, yet very feminine doe with exceptional body capacity.  In the first picture is Nina as a milking doe at the 2016 NC State Fair.  She is 6 years old and had been in milk for 6 months, having raised twin bucks to 12 weeks old, then being milked once a day.  In the second picture she about 6 weeks from kidding in 2015.   Whether she is in show condition or working condition she has incredible body capacity and is very correct.  She and her daughter, Fandango were Best Mother/Daughter at the 2016 NC State Fair too, while both were in working condition and milking.

Maggidan's Minis Fandango

S:  PGCH Heavenly Blessings Pizzazz
D:  Maggidan's Minis Nina
DOB: 4/2/13

One of our 2 Pizzazz daughters, her dam is Nina.  She has grown into a gorgeous 5 year old.

Fandango kidded with twin, a buck and doe on 4/19/2018.  They are sired by Buddy (Knee Deep Farms Under Pressure).  The buckling is for sale.  The doeling has been sold.

Maggidan's Minis Gold Dust
Senior and Grand Champion
S: PGCH Maggidan's Minis Zaphod
D:  Maggidan's Minis Sassy Lady
DOB:  5/17/13

Gold Dust is a little power house doe, with great depth and a beautiful head. When she cooperates she places well in the showring. But her real contribution has been with her great kids!  Her 2015 buckling is already tearing up the show ring in Florida.

She kidded with twin does by Java Jo on May 31. 

Burntwood Farms Tanzerin
S: PGCH Whirlwind Farms Absolutely Classic
D: Burntwood Farms Moxie
DOB: 2/9/14

Thank you Doug and Lisa Bragg for letting us add Tanzy to our herd.  I am sure she will do great things both in the ring and in the kidding pen.

Tanzy kidded with quadruplet wethers on April 27, 2017.  They were sired by Java Jo.


She kidded with a long awaited doeling sired by Apollo on 4/6/2018

Maggidan's Minis Aurora

Senior and Reserve Grand Champion
S: PGCH Maggidan's Minis Zaphod
D: Maggidan's Minis DiamondsAreForever
DOB: 4/6/14

Aurora kidded with a buck and doe on 3/16/2018.  The sire is Java Jo.

Heavenly Blessings Christmas Eve
Sire:  Heavenly Blessings Elite's Solo
Dam: PGCH Heavenly Blessings Moonlit Summer 
DOB:  12/24/14

Thank you Pete and Jamie White for sending Eve to our herd.  Eve's doe by Apollo below.

Maggidan's Minis Giselle

Reserve Junior Champion
S: Aribba Acres Java Jo
D: Maggidan's Minis DiamondsAreForever
DOB: 4/29/15

Giselle is a real stunner in the showring!  She is so feminine, so correct.  She kidded with twins, a buck and doe by "JJ" on 4/30/2018.  They both have been sold. 

Horns-N-Roses Callie
Sire: Country Farms Defies Expectations
Dam: Leolynn Farms Aaliyah
DOB: 2/25/15

In a moment of weakness Bryson Staley offered us this gorgeous doe.  Callie wears a little too much white.  But I think if I ever get her to the show ring she will do very well.  She kidded with triplets, a buck, a wether, and a doe sired by Runamuk on 5/9/2018. 

Maggidan's Minis Fantasia
S: Maggidan's Minis Aztec
D:  Maggidan's Minis Fandango
DOB: 4/27/16

Gorgeous doe out of Fandango.  Fantasia kidded with a nice buckling by JJ on April 18, 2018.  he is for sale.


Maggidan's Minis Maya
S: Maggidan's Minis Aztec
D:  Swafford's Sunny Mojo Melody
DOB: 7/13/16

Maya's 2018 twin does by Runamuk

Our Junior Does

Maggidan's Minis Pippin
Reserve Junior Champion
S: Knee Deep Farms Under Pressure
D:  Maggidan's Minis Fandango
DOB: 5/27/17

Maggidan's Minis Faelyn
S: Aribba Acres Java Jo
D:  Maggidan's Minis Freya
DOB: 5/17/17

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