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Here are articles I have written or found helpful.  They are all printer-friendly, PDF formatted files.  Feel free to make one copy for your own personal use.  Please email me for permission to reprint any of mine if you wish to use one in a newsletter or other publication.  I request that you include my website and contact information when publishing a reprint.  I can help you contact the other authors, just drop me an email.  These articles will open in a new window so when you are done reading, just close that window and you are back!


Goat Breeds Size Comparison Chart
Pygmies are the smallest goat.

Pygmy Goat FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Answers to questions people ask about Pygmy goats.

A Goat Keeper's Library
Helpful and informative books that should be on every goat keeper's shelves.

Flying Fiends
Controlling flies

Taming Skittish Goats
With patience and perseverance nearly all goats can become friendly.

Whatever Happened to Elmer?
Doing right by your kids.

How To Buy A Pygmy Goat
Questions you should ask

The Peaceable Kingdom Does Not Exist
Keeping species separated is important for both animals and owners.

Born (To Live) In A Barn
The story of Georgia, a lesson about the hazards of spoiling a bottle baby.

Just Pets
Why being just a pet makes a goat so valuable.

Helpful Hints
Excerpts from Helpful Hints For Your Herd, a booklet for new members of the North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club.

Contaminated Compost
Herbicides can linger in your barn waste.  A warning from our fellow goatkeeper and gardener, Laurie Getzandanner

See our Handy Tips page for more helpful hints for around the farm.


Parasitism in Goats
There's a lot of new information about controlling worms, you need to know this!

DIY Health Exam
Let's take a quick look

Taking Your Goat's Temperature
This is probably your most important health-related skill.

Body Condition Scoring 
Are your goats fat, thin or just right?

Treasure Hunting:  How to Find A Vet
Your herd needs a vet, here's how to find one

Maggidan's Medicine Chest
A well stocked medicine chest makes goat keeping much easier.

What they are and how to give them, by Laurie Getzandanner

Rabies Article
An article by Laurie Getzendanner, this is a must read for any animal lover.

Hypocalcemia, The Link Between Calcium and Phosphorus in the Diet
An article by Sue Reith, this has a recipe for homemade CMPK a Pregnancy Toxemia/Milk Fever remedy


Keeping it simple and routine is the key to a happy herd.

All you ever wanted to know about hay, the most important part of any goat's diet.

Fescue Toxicity
The hazards of feeding fescue to goats.


How to Know When
Recognizing the signs of impending birth.

Reading the Tail Ligaments NEW
Best video showing this technique to know when a doe will kid.

Waiting is Not an Option
Normal kiddings happen fast, don't hesitate to check or help.

Brand New Kids
Caring for newborns kids.

A Slip and a Miss    
Causes of abortion in does and what you might do to prevent it.

The Other Pygmy Goats, Kinders and Pygoras
Pygmies have helped create other breeds.

Sandman, The World's Happiest Buck
Here is the story of our Sandman.  He was our marker buck, a buck that has been given a vasectomy and used to detect does in heat.  In his 10 years on duty he taught us a lot about normal herd dynamics and the role bucks play in the free roaming herds in Africa.

Fetal Development in Pygmy Goats
Fetuses do most of their growing the last 4 weeks of gestation.  This article is by Maxine Kinne, former NPGA HER Chair.

Tube Feeding Kids
A simple lifesaving technique that any goat breeder needs to know.


Milking Pygmies
Three articles about milking pygmies by the former NPGA HER Chair, Maxine Kinne.

If You Got 'Em, Milk 'Em
Really!  You should!

Maggidan's Magnificent Milking Minis
Singing the praises of milking my pygmies.

How To Hand Milk
Even if you don't intend to milk your pygmies for your own consumption, you need to know how to do this!  A newborn kid's life may depend on it.  This is an excerpt from the book Starting Right With Milk Goats by Helen Walsh.

Milking By Machine
How I do it.

Homemade Goat Wipes and Teat Dip
Great recipes from the Fiasco Farm Website. Even if you don't milk the Goat Wipes are sure handy.

See our Milking Pygmies page for more!


You Be The Judge
What is the judge looking for?

Goats On the Road
Traveling tips for goats and goat shows.

Show Checklist
This is our checklist for going to shows.

A Whole New Kind of Show Goat
Our goats were the stars at a Southern Ideal Home Show.

Fun Stuff

Before I Had Goats
A poem by our friend Laurie Getzendanner

New Life
Our vet writes poetry.  This was for Exceptional Detail after Ellen assisted in her doeling's birth.

Goat Cheese Fudge 
So Yummy!


These links will open in a new window so you won't lose us and we won't lose you while you browse.

Clubs and Associations

National Pygmy Goat Association
North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club

Helpful Information

Kinne's Minis Great site for pygmy goat information, see the Articles page
Fias Co Farm
This site has a lot of "how to's" with great photos, great place for holistic goat supplies
Dairy Goat Info
Lots of good articles, look under Dairy Goat Info and Health and Wellness.
Huge site with lots of links, goat care articles
The American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control  FAMACHA parasite control program 
University of Maryland Small Ruminant Site Extensive articles and accurate information
The Biology of the Goat The website is great and the CD is a must-have


North Carolina Agricultural Review A free online classified newsletter for NC farmers
Valley Vet
Jeffer's Livestock Supply

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